Paragliding on Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy and its beautiful surroundings are not only the birthplace of paragliding, but remain one of the main centers of hang-gliding in the world, with more than 1,000 takeoffs daily. It's also an ideal place to spend a few days exploring in and around the city of Annecy.

The Annecy region is a hang-gliding paradise and the most popular individual flight destination in the Alps. The flight conditions in this part of the Alps are perfectly suited for this sport: the winds are generally fairly weak; the thermal updraughts are abundant; take-off sites are easily accessible; the large and green valleys are great landing sites; and the network of roads allow for easy recuperations.

Fly over the limestone walls of the Dents de Lanfon and of La Tournette, soar over the turquoise waters of the great Alpine lake - the purest in Europe - and glide across kilometers of ridges and summits of the Bauges and the Aravis, which seem to have been specifically designed for the practice of distance hang-gliding.

The Details

The main take-off point is on the east side of Annecy Lake, where there are ideal conditions for beginner pilots as well as more advanced flyers.

Availability: year-round, with most favorrable conditions between the end of March and the beginning of October.

Types of flight available: beginner, on-site flight, double-flights with licensed pilots, bivouac flights, hiking/mountain flights, over-lake piloting with a local school, speed riding above the Aravis in the wintertime, Semnoz kite flying.

Must-see: flying between the two mountain passes of the Forclaz in the evening, a little tour of the lake towards the Roc des Boeufs, and a hiking fligh in the morning from the summit of the Tréloz towards the Ecole en Bauges plain.

Admire Annecy City and its Lake

Located 447 meters above sea level, Annecy Lake can be found at the highest point of the Tournette, a chair-shaped summit reaching 2,351 meters of altitude. The lake never fails to enchant lovers of nautical activities: swimmers, windsurfers, amateur sailors, and fishermen. In terms of must-see natural and cultural sites, a river cruise is available to discover all the different villages along the lake.

Other recommmendations: the Bout du Lac Nature Reserve, home to reptiles, ducks, swans, and even beavers.

Must-see in the city of Annecy: a tour of the Old City of Annessy, the Musée-Château, the Gardens of Europe and the Basilique de la Visitation.