Visit the Nouméa City Museum

Caledonian history at Nouméa City Museum

Go back in time in Caledonian History in a fun and interactive way through a permanent exhibition at Nouméa City Museum. The beginnings of the city, its construction and the establishment of the prison are discussed. The visit will also lead you to the time of the American presence in New Caledonia during World War II.

In the basement of the museum, walk into a war trench, 1914-1918 and a nickel operation gallery that is larger than life.

3 Level Museum:

• Basement devoted to World War I and nickel
• Ground floor pertaining to the discovery and history of New Caledonia
• First floor dedicated to World War II

Magnificent gardens where you can relax and rediscover the fragrances of the 19th century

Temporary exhibition room at the end of the gardens.

A free audio guide is available to you to enjoy this exhibition in total freedom.