Sun-drenched flavours of New Caledonia

Whether French, Asian or Oceanic, New Caledonian cuisine reflects its mixed population, offering visitors a delicious and eclectic menu.

In Noumea, delicious specialities of the Hexagon abound in Noumea along with dishes of Asian descent from Indonesia, Vietnam and China.
In the local restaurants of the brousse (bush), you will taste local cuisine, consisting of deer, shrimp, coconut, crab or wild hog, often served with root vegetables such as yams, sweet potatoes, taro and a medley of fruits for desert.

The Bougna is the traditional kanak dish (Melanesian): assorted root vegetables, fish, shellfish or large lobsters are marinated in coconut milk and then left to simmer for hours in banana leaves on the hot stones of the Kanak oven. The more daring might sample bulimes (snails), notous (pigeons) and even the ver de bancoule, a fat white worm, eaten raw or roasted!