5 French cities for your next city break

A weekend trip can do wonders when the next vacation is far out on the horizon and you need to get away from the everyday stress. Here are 5 of our French favorites for a city break!

Unfortunately, we cannot go on a long vacation every time we need a break - but every now and again there's room for a weekend trip. A break with good food, romance, shopping or cultural experiences.

Here are five of our French favorite towns for a city break.

Gastronomy and museums in Lyon

Lyon is the obvious destination for all food lovers! The city is known as the gastronomic capital of France - and it's almost impossible to get a bad meal here.

At the same time, the city, with its 2000 years, is an exciting destination if you are interested in art and culture. Festivals and events are often held here - and the city's museums are worth a visit.

As an example, visit the Musée des Confluences in the futuristic building, where the two rivers Rhône and Saône meet. Here you will get an exciting tale about mankind.

Architecture and wine in Bordeaux

Do you like architecture and wine? If yes, Bordeaux is the place to spend a weekend. The city has been nicknamed "Little Paris" for the last 200 years because of the many beautiful 18th century buildings. In fact, the city has so many historical buildings that it was admitted to UNESCO's World Heritage List.

But there is also modern architecture, such as La Cité du Vin, which opened in 2016. The building is shaped like a vine and contains 10 floors and 13,000 square meters dedicated to wine.

And when you are in town, do yourself a favor and taste some of the delicious wine – maybe at one of the vineyards nearby?

Spa, surf and golf in Biarritz

Biarritz is known for its long wide beaches, which has made the city an ideal spa-destination, where you can try out treatments like Thalasso Therapy. But since 1957 the beaches have also been widely used for surfing - so diligently that the city is known as Europe's surfing capital.

But there is much else to experience in the area. The city is situated in the Basque Country - an area filled with traditions, mystics and an authentic culture, which has often been ahead of its time. Also when it comes to golf. This is where the first golf course in France, Le Phare, was created in 1888.

Mediterranean mood, nature, and history in Marseille

If you want to experience the presence of history, then go to Marseille. The city was founded 2600 years ago by Greeks from Fokaia and is thus the oldest city in France. Visit the old quarter "Panier" and enjoy the beautiful buildings from Napoleon III's time or enjoy the special atmosphere in Vieux Port.

Although Marseille is France's second largest city, you will experience the special Mediterranean atmosphere that makes it feel like a big village - perfect if you need to relax.

Do not forget to visit the wonderful nature around Marseille – take a boat trip to Les Calanques and Cassis.

Shopping, art and green lungs in Nantes

The city of Nantes on the banks of the Loire River in Brittany is a paradise for art lovers. Follow the outdoor art-route of Estuaire Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, where you'll meet a number of modern artworks along the Loire River.

With a town center designed for pedestrians and a number of exciting shops, Nantes is also an ideal destination if you dream of getting something new to your wardrobe or home.

And when your feet are getting tired, take a break in one of the many green areas in the city – in 2013 Nantes received the European Green Capital Award.