Bordeaux Cruise Stopover Port, record numbers for the 2016 season

With 50 stopovers in 2016 (compared to 35 in 2015), the cruise season finished with record numbers and forecasts excellent prospects for Cruise Bordeaux.

The “Corinthian” cruise liner from the Uniworld company (which also offers river cruises on the Gironde estuary) ended the 2016 cruise season at the Bordeaux Atlantic Port. At the time of writing, it’s all green lights for Bordeaux, which strengthens its place as the second most popular Atlantic/Manche port in terms of stopovers, the first being Le Havre.

Preferred by both ship owners and cruise-goers, Bordeaux is – in every sense - a unique stopover to discover the heritage, cuisine, history, and culture of an internationally renowned region.
Aquitaine’s very rich tourism offerings also attract a majority of cruise companies to schedule two-day, one-night stopovers. More time at the dock translates into more time to discover not just the region through excursions, but the whole city on foot, thanks to fast and easy access from the Port de la Lune.
Consequently, on-shore expenditures are less than the average reported at other ports. The 50 liners and 32,000 passengers welcomed this year at the Gironde terminals (Bordeaux Port de la Lune, Verdon, or Bassens for the most important units) allowed Bordeaux Atlantic Port to break a new record. These exceptional numbers add to the already-very-positive, growing trajectory seen over the past few years. The results strengthen both Cruise Bordeaux’s marketing strategy as well as the efforts brought to highlight the stopover and the destination to other companies.

This common task of promoting Bordeaux is being carried out in the context a strong development of local tourism offers – for example, with Bordeaux being classified as the #1 Best City for Travel 2017 by Lonely Planet, as well as the opening of the Cité du Vin (External link) , a cultural attraction that will draw in visitors from all over the world.

The tourism assets, easily accessible to cruise-goers, make Bordeaux and its region a must-see destination – with 57 stopovers already scheduled for 2017. It’s going to be an excellent season, illustrating the success that has dropped anchor for Cruise Bordeaux.

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Laurence Bouchardie
Atlantic Port of Bordeaux - Head of Development Department, Cruise Bordeaux Manager
Cellphone: + 33 (0) 6 64 49 92 29 (External link) (External link)