La Demeure du Parc Boutique Hotel, an idyllic haven in a dream destination!​

With an imperial palace listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fontainebleau is an historic location, having once served as a rural retreat for the French royal court. Located in the beautiful Seine et Marne department, some 60 km from Paris, it possesses a unique cultural heritage, as well as a superb family hotel nestling amidst its bucolic charms. La Demeure du Parc will open mid-September to celebrate the summer with the first guests of the season.


This mansion set amidst parkland is a boutique hotel of great charm, boasting magnificent architecture. Grand and distinguished in appearance, it stands at the gates of the Château de Fontainebleau as a family friendly establishment, inviting the traveller to enjoy a getaway combining friendliness, cultural interest and gourmet excellence.


The 27 neo-contemporary rooms and suites of this unique hotel exude a timeless ambience. The secret alcoves of the Kings of France resonate with a surprising modernity. Their private gardens and dreamy terraces offer sublime views of the Château de Fontainebleau and the skyline of the picturesque town.


The 3 pavilions and the fruit garden of La Demeure du Parc welcome families, seekers after tranquillity, INSEAD business school students, and professionals. The service is impeccable and personalised. The hotel specialises in organising original events. The wedding, seminar and banquet arrangements are carefully considered, enchanting and beautifully catered. Tailor-made services, romantic breaks or family getaways; whatever your requirements, you will find them fulfilled.


Nestled cosily within this ancient building you will find our wellbeing space, offering a full range of individualised body treatments and facials. For complete relaxation and delightful pampering, the hotel invites you to embark upon a unique sensory experience.


Designed as a contemporary inn, this family restaurant welcomes gourmets in an original and warm setting. The Chef's table is presented as a large guest table around which friends and families can share a delicious and friendly meal, enjoy authentic cuisine and, above all, experience taste sensations.And to foster this family spirit, Frédéric Vardon has chosen to surround himself with assistants who have served him long and faithfully, first at 39 V and more recently at Zinc des Neiges. He has therefore naturally entrusted the control of the kitchens to Carmen Thelen and the restaurant room to Yann Chauvet. A team which can be relied upon to ensure that your meal is an ideal experience.


For all lovers of fine food, Frédéric Vardon cultivates a particular talent for an authentic and delicious cuisine. This passionate Chef has chosen to place his talents as a composer of flavours in the service of La Table du Parc, a gourmet restaurant under the sign of conviviality.Frédéric Vardon invites connoisseurs to discover a cuisine of feeling, simple and accessible, to arouse and excite the taste buds. He brings to the plate a cuisine that is generous and sincere, yet tinged with a daring, thrilling impertinence.If the produce is king, it is because the Chef has chosen to pay daily tribute to the craftsmen of the soil. La Table du Parc offers family cuisine enhanced by seasonal ingredients and the wholesome flavours of France


It is at the bar of the hotel that the discussion continues.Past master in the art of mixology, bartender Daniel Rodriguez creates all kinds of original drinks and customises the best cocktails for every palate. And for connoisseurs, it is with distinction that he serves prestigious nectars from the restaurant cellar, beautifully presented in a contemporary wine showcase.More details about the new property will be available in late August.

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