Discover France with Insight Vacations

The most inspirational way to discover the world is on an Insight Vacations escorted tour. Insight’s luxury and premium journeys are brimming with unique experiences and special touches that intimately connect guests with each destination, its people, and its culture. Tours are designed with immense care and an unwavering commitment to providing outstanding quality, unequalled access to the world’s treasures and unmatched comfort and service. Your clients may have traveled the world before – but they have never experienced it like this. Insight provides the most authentic and innovative escorted tours and cruises to Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, India, United States and Canada. France has always been one of Insight’s most popular destinations, which is understandable considering the country has been the force majeure of European history for centuries. Protected by natural borders like the Pyrenees and the Alps but centrally located, France is internationally recognized and celebrated for its gastronomy, art and architecture. Insight offers a variety of extravagant journeys that venture deep into the prosperous countrysides and iconic cities to highlight the masterpieces of the Louvre, the splendors of Versailles, and the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower.

Celebrate Insight’s “Signature Year”

2015 has been declared Insight’s “Signature Year,” and Insight celebrated by expanding their entire collection of Signature Events. These inventive experiences allow guests to discover each destination through the eyes of its natives and represent another significant quality that distinguishes Insight from other tour operators. Signature Experiences include exploring historical landmarks, witnessing famous original artwork, tasting the unique regional flavors and meeting with fascinating locals who share personal accounts of their homeland. These experiences vividly capture the imagination of your clients, whether taking an emotive journey through the Normandy Beaches or sampling world-famous Chablis with an expert vintner.

Signature Dining Experiences

One of the best ways to comprehend a country’s culture is by celebrating its cuisine, and this is perhaps most applicable in France. Each Insight itinerary offers plenty of opportunities to savor the rich and intricate flavors of each destination, such as a rendezvous at a typical Parisian bistro or a sampling of Rocamadour’s local cheeses. Insight guests enjoy Signature Dining experiences that include regional specialties, authentic country cooking, fine dining and an incredible array of local wines and brews that tickle the tastebuds while widening cultural horizons. Guests whet their appetites for a complete epicurean exploration with special Welcome Receptions, Celebration Dinners and Gala Evenings. Signature Dine-Around evenings invite guests to eat as the locals do, choosing from a selection of authentic bistros and enjoying a special menu of regional à la carte items. Finally, Highlight Dinners contribute a magical night of excitement, featuring delicious table d’hôte menus and a bevy of entertainment to round off the day.

Stay in the Finest Signature Hotels

Insight offers a collection of nearly 60 spectacular signature hotels, including beautiful châteaux and manor houses set in breathtaking locations. Each hotel is handpicked against strict qualifying criteria, and many are members of elite international hotel associations.

The Art of Touring in Style

Your clients are guaranteed an unforgettable vacation encompassing the Art of Touring in Style. Extended business-class legroom on luxury coaches provide up to 100% more legroom, and guests ride head and shoulder above traffic enjoying spectacular panoramic views. Expert Tour Directors passionately help guests tailor each journey, arrange exclusive access into the history and daily lives of the locals, and lead the way to the most extraordinary destinations and monuments for the perfect balance of guided experiences and independent explorations.

The Insight Difference

Insight offers Discovery Journeys, Regional Experiences, Easy Pace, Country Roads and Insight Gold tours to accommodate every traveling desire. Discovery Journeys explore the full diversity of Europe, stopping at the best destinations in each country while enjoying as much of the continent as vacation time permits. Regional Experiences are specifically tailored around a specific part of Europe, such as France, and allow guests to intimately delve deeply into a region or country’s culture and traditions. Country Roads tours venture off the beaten track, staying in unique and charming locales like the gorgeous medieval town of Sarlat-la-Canéda. Easy Pace tours define “leisurely travel,” with a minimum of three nights in each carefully chosen destination. Finally, the all-inclusive Insight Gold collection is perfect for guests celebrating a special occasion or who truly want to experience each destination in the lap of luxury – tours consist of the absolute finest signature hotels and inclusions.With hundreds of dollars of included meals, sightseeing experiences, and unexpected flourishes, the value of an Insight Vacation is astounding. The only difficult factor is helping your clients decide upon the right itinerary – but with five itineraries dedicated entirely to France, you are sure to find the perfect match.

Experience the Best of France

Perhaps suggest the new 23-day “French Heritage” Regional Experiences itinerary, a true Francophile’s dream. This adventure navigates the depth and breadth of France and features world renowned wines, snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched beaches, magnificent châteaux, Roman remains, and a lengthy battlefield history from the Hundred Years’ War to the D-Day Landings. Your clients will learn the secrets of perfume making during a guided tour in Côte d’Azur, visit the ancient two-tiered Roman amphitheatre in Arles, and marvel at the rich blue-and-red stained-glass windows of the magnificent Chartres Cathedral. Additional highlights include an elegant Celebration Dinner in the Château de Rochecotte, featured in many prestigious food guides, and stays in such acclaimed hotels as the suave Pullman Paris Bercy and the tranquil Mercure hotel.

For a different kind of Tour de France itinerary, your clients can consider the 17-day “Country Roads of France.” This unique tour includes a Côtes du Rhone excursion to the famous wine village of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where your clients sample wine with an expert and learn the importance of a robust red’s color, fragrance, and “legs.” They will journey to the Lascaux Caves, containing some of the oldest and finest prehistoric art in the world, and take a Seine River cruise through the heart of Paris. The smooth high-speed TGV train offers a relaxing change in scenery, and guests can revel in the excitement of driving on part of the Grand Prix circuit and exploring the medieval heart of Troye, the Champagne capital.

If your clients are looking for a relaxed itinerary with plenty of free time, “Easy Pace France” is the ideal option. This 11-day journey enjoys quality time in three very different parts of France, contrasting the cultural capital of Paris with the Provencal landscapes that inspired Van Gogh and the chic resorts of the Côte d’Azur. Guests experience the glorious views from the Eiffel Tower’s platforms, see the Roman aqueduct at Pont du Gard, and explore the elegant mansions and cafés of the Cours Mirabeau. Those feeling lucky can try their hand at one of Monte Carlo’s casinos, but everyone will appreciate staying at the prestigious Fairmont Monte Carlo – a gathering place for the international elite.

Insight Vacations is constantly evolving, innovating and introducing new ideas to ensure every itinerary provides an unforgettable luxury experience. Our local experts bring each destination to life, and no exquisite stone is unturned. For more information about Insight Vacations, please call Insight Vacations at (800) 582-8380.