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Since 2003, LinkParis.com has been a prime internet gateway for French travel planning for consumers and travel agents alike.
Your clients may be a family group, a couple on a romantic trip, history enthusiasts, or all about food, wine, and shopping. France has it all, and LinkParis.com has the day or multi-day trips to accommodate.
Our approach has always been that of immersion. Clients will be primed and excited to negotiate a bustling Paris station and board a train, just like a local, and arrive quickly to Normandy, Brittany, Champagne, Burgundy, the Loire, or further afield in Avignon or Bordeaux for an overnight trip or more.

Perhaps our most popular day tour is our one or two-day trip to Normandy, to visit the landing beaches and experience directly what it took to liberate France on June 6, 1944. The area has remained mostly undeveloped, lending authenticity to any visit. Many of our guides have a direct family connection to the war, be it a grandfather in the resistance, or a family member who fought and died for France. This is living history.

Something of a French secret, this under-appreciated European family destination, with many coastal ferry connections to the U.K., is all about the medieval and Celtic experience. Mont St. Michel, at the Normandy border, is a must-see we combine with the walled city of St. Malo and the well-preserved river town of Dinan.

Barely one hour via rail from Paris, the Loire’s gorgeous countryside and incredible collection of castles is almost hard to believe. It really is a fairy tale comes to life. And yes, the story of “Sleeping Beauty” was imagined from the author’s visit to a Loire castle. Unlike most European castles, these French monuments, some still occupied by the families who built them, are decorated as they would have been in their prime. Being right there in the grandeur of Chenonceau, Chambord, Amboise. . . it’s amazing.

There is history, and there is, shall we say, a break from history, and that is the incomparable wine touring available in France, where travelers can visit regions which are synonymous with superior, world class wines and champagne. Clients can be at a Paris station in the morning, and by mid morning touring the land walked by Dom Perignon, visiting beautiful Beaune, or experiencing St. Emilion and Medoc directly. Can we forget Montrachet and Mersault? Of course not. Burgundy wines are the apex of it all.

When the Romans came to this part of France, they found a beautiful climate for growing olives and grapes. So will any visitor find themselves won over to the Provencal life of extended meals, balmy evenings, and lovely hidden villages. Local history touring also covers the story of the Avignon Pope and the tortured life of Vincent Van Gogh, who memorialized this humble farming region as no other artist has.

Last but never least, Paris can be seen with private walking and driving tours, cooking and dining experiences, maybe a private yacht on the Seine, or a flyover of the city. Maybe for a cozy group of two or a school group of 60. LinkParis.com has done it. And arranged a private train car, too.
LinkParis.com invites travelers to not just explore la belle Paris, but to savor le belle France. The company was also voted “Best Online Tour Operator” in 2014 by Atout France.

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