Family-friendly Aquitaine

The thirdlargest region in France, Aquitaine lends itself to all your holiday desires :from the Basque Coast to the Périgord-Limousin Natural Regional Park, discoverits beaches, cities steeped in history, many picturesque villages, medievalfortified towns and also its mountains, vineyards and the Landes Forest.

Aquitainehas stories to tell which are over a thousand years old: visit the Lascauxcaves listed by Unesco and the Pierrefitte Menhir which unveils fragments ofprehistoric civilisations in the heart of the Dordogne one so called « Valleyof Mankind ». The National Museum of the Château de Pau, the Château deBonaguil, among others, bear witness to the rich history of the Aquitaineregion

Come and enjoy the 250 kilometers of ocean coastline! Aquitainehas quite simply Europe’s biggest beach of fine sand. This vast coastline isalso home to a great many boating harbors and seaside resorts,

You and your kids will love Biarritz (External link) “TheKing of Beaches and the Beach of Kings,” launched by Empress Eugenie whobrought the whole of the European aristocracy to this little fishing village inthe 19th century. Habits have not changed. The imperial palace has beentransformed into a luxury hotel (Hôtel du Palais

Aquitaine also have The Pyrenees in Aquitaine Typical Basque and Béarnvillages, rock climbing and whitewater sports are the main attractions.

Bordeaux, the capital of Aquitaine, remains the finest example of 18th-centuryarchitecture in France This, among other things, is what earned the cityinclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
Bonaguil is a fortified castle mainly built between the 13th and the 14thcentury. one of the “major sites” in Aquitaine. Remarkably well preserved

Places such as Walibi Sud-Ouest or the Bordeaux-Pessac Zoo makeAquitaine an ideal destination for family holidays.

Sun, history, energy, intrigue - everything you need for a perfect vacation with your family.