French "art de vivre" in Burgundy

Each month, France lovers share with us the best of their region. Selected as one of the place to go in 2015 by The New York Times (External link) , Burgundy is in the spotlight recently. Emmanuelle Hervieu, Marketing Manager, Burgundy Tourism Board, tell us everything about "her" Burgundy!

Atout France: Describe your favourite view in Burgundy

Emmanuelle Hervieu: I think that would be the view of the Roche de Solutrébathing in the sun, surrounded by mâconnais vineyards. This is a really unusualand surprising view: when you’re at the footstep of the Roche, its silhouetteseems to be spying on you like a sphinx amid the vineyards.

The view from the top of the Roche on the surroundingcountryside is also wonderful! You shouldn’t think twice to climb it and yourefforts will be rewarded by a breathtaking view on the surrounding countrysidewith lovely burgundian villages and vast vineyards.

AF: If you had 24 hours in Burgundy, where would you eatand drink?

EH: To begin my day full of energy, I would probably startwith a typical French breakfast with a tiny cup of strong black coffee, a softcroissant and a crusty baguette with some creamy Brillat-Savarin cheese, at aterrace of a small bistro facing the roofs of Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune.

Then, after a visit of a vineyard and a rich discovery ofthe winemaker’s work, it would be lovely to share a glass of wine and a bit ofjambon persillé with the winemaker in his cellar full of old bottles and woodenbarrels before the lunch at a tasting table with the real boeuf bourguignonstew, followed by a tasty epoisses cheese and a light dessert, all accompaniedby a commented wine tasting of various Burgundy wines that would marvelouslymatch each dish to enhance their taste.

After the visit of the historical centre of Dijon, thecapital of Burgundy, I would stop for an aperitif with a glass of kir at asunny terrace of a wine bar on the lively Place de la Liberation and to finishoff this beautiful day, I would have dinner at one of 35 Michelin starredrestaurants, always full of unforgettable and exquisite culinary surprises!

AF: What is your favourite season and why?

EH: Autumn is surely my favorite season in Burgundy, with thegold and warm sunlight embracing colorful and rich vineyards, full of juicygrapes waiting to be harvested for new millesime of wine.

This is also one of the liveliest seasons in Burgundy’stypical villages with the grape harvest. It is a very busy but a reallyfancy period shared by all winemakers. Many people come to help wine makerswith the harvest, which sets the scene for numerous feasts and festivals, oftenconnected with traditional burgundian gastronomy.

If you need more information about Burgundy, please contact the Burgundy Tourism Board (External link)