Gay-friendly accommodations all around France - Gay Games X

Minorities and diversity constitute a new facet and their integration is one of the challenges for the 21st century. LGBT organizations in France are at the forefront of this movement for equality in the French Republic and through Paris 2018, intend to go further in their social action thanks to the Gay Games. A white paper resulting from a European-wide university study was published in 2011 in Turin, which presented the best LGBT politics in the 24 largest European cities, based on their positive work. Paris systematically came in the top four positions. The rankings were based on criteria such as struggle against homophobia, local HIV prevention policies, an official existence of a LGBT center, held conferences and seminars, attractiveness towards the LGBT population, etc.

But... France is not just Paris (External link) . You will find some publications about gay-friendly areas all around France there:

Take advantage of the Gay Games to visit France !