Good France: Benoit New York Alain Ducasse

Chef Laetitia Rouabah

The Restaurant:

Alain Ducasse renovated the restaurant in 2016, updating the classic Parisian bistro and giving it a contemporary spin. He lightened the colors, sourced interesting decor (such as the lighting fixtures, which he found at a Parisian flea market), and built an intimate lounge space in the entraceway to create an "authentic Parisian bistro with a New York sensibility."

"Benoit is all about conviviality, memories, and a shared pleasure around the table," says Ducasse. "It shows a certain lifestyle and tradition, that both have very bright futures. "

The Chef:

Chef Laëtitia Rouabah finds inspiration for her menus in the world around her, from her daily interactions at markets and with vendors. She loves marrying the traditions of French cuisine with her own unexpected takes, creating truly innovative dishes that reflect her style as a chef.

As the head chef of Benoit, Alain Ducasse entrusted Rouabah with his New York location after they worked together at the Hotel Plaza Athénée, The Dorchester, and Le Jules Verne. Their time together allowed Rouahbah to absorb Ducasse’s values and apply them to her kitchen in New York, particularly their devotion to creating traditional French fare with modern updates.

The Benoit in Good France:

Chef Rouabah felt that participating in Good France was important to bring an appreciation of French cuisine to the world. As a French chef working abroad, she wants to pay homage to the recipes and traditions that she loves to create in her own kitchen.

Our favorite dish:

The Muscovy duck from the Benoit kitchen is a wonder for all senses. From the crispy exterior to the inside’s perfect pinkness, to the perfect marriage of sour and sweet of the spices and vinegar, it's heaven for the eyes and nose. As for how it tastes, you just have to try it for yourself.

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