Good France: Le Bistro at Culinary Institute LeNôtre

The Restaurant:

Le Bistro was created in 2011 to share the beauty and sophistication of high-quality French cuisine in a rich, elegant setting. It was envisioned as an inspiring environment where ambitious student chefs could gain hands-on experience while elevating their techniques each and every day. Le Bistro features the produces from its back garden; a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, lettuce, squash, peas and carrots are harvested and prepared by the students every day.

The Chef:

Alain LeNôtre

LeNôtre is a certified pastry chef, candy maker and ice cream maker; he was also trained as a cook at the Grand Véfour, a famous 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Paris. He has over 40 years of experience. Alain earned an executive MBA from the University of Paris I. Alain comes from a famous Parisian family. 30 years ago he created the chef school Ecole LeNôtre in Paris, France, one of the world's best retraining schools, where he taught for a number of years. He developed the international LeNôtre pastry shop franchise and technical assistance departments, expanding the LeNôtre chains in Japan, Germany and Brazil while also helping his parents' business become the number one caterer in France. After receiving a request for a franchise in Texas, Alain and his wife Marie were invited to visit Houston, Texas in 1981. Ultimately they started their own business there, first with a retail and wholesale bakery. In 1998, they opened an international cooking and baking school for career seekers, career changers, food enthusiasts, and for continuing education. As their fame spread, they have been asked to franchise their "Know How" in the Middle East. There are now 10 "Alain LeNôtre" restaurants and bakeries in Cairo, Egypt. Alain LeNôtre motto is: "Tradition, quality & respect". He chose the word tradition because he is the 3rd generation of chefs in the LeNôtre family.

Chef Olivier Burgos

After graduating from the École Supérieure de Cuisine Francaise Ferrandi in 1997 and working for the prestigious Hotel Royal Monceau in Paris, Chef Burgos opened his first restaurant in France when he was 23. Always looking for new challenges, he started travelling. After working a couple of years in England, he settled on the Gold Coast in Australia were he opened a new restaurant that was awarded “Best European Restaurant of the Gold Coast” multiple times. Continuing his growth as a chef, he wanted to do something more impactful and turned himself towards education. “To keep serving amazing food, while impacting student’s lives is a dream job” he says.

Le Bistro in Good France:

The chefs of Le Bistro wanted to participate in a real tribute to today’s French Gastronomy: vibrant, healthy, open and innovative, while remaining true to its values of sharing, pleasure, and respect for good food and for the planet.

“Talking about cuisine - French cuisine - is also talking about joie de vivre, delicacy, optimism, and pleasure” said Alain Ducasse. All are values shared by the LeNôtres.

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