Good France: Eric Ripert

Chef Eric Ripert, a gastronomic star, tells us a bit about this year's Good France

This year's Good France includes a constellation of Michelin-starred restauranteurs and other superstars of the gastronomic world, but none shine brighter than Eric Ripert. Here he tells us a bit about how Provençal cuisine influenced his life, the importance of responsible gastronomy, and what he has in store for this year's Good France.

Eric Ripert: an unparalleled chef

Born in Antibes, Eric Ripert's culinary training began at birth.
"Growing up in the South of France definitely had a huge impact on my taste, and my career" the chef says. "My grandmothers were cooking soul food from Provence, the Nice region, and Italy."
The unique status that spices, herbs, olive oil, and seafood hold in the region is something that Ripert kept in mind throughout his long career, from Paris to Washington. As a star of the New York food scene, his restaurant Le Bernardin is synonymous with the height of French gastronomy.

Chef Ripert in Good France:

The cuisine of Provence, the honored region of France for 2019's festival, clearly holds a dear place in Ripert's heart. This year's theme of responsible gastronomy, however, is no less a priority. Chef Ripert advocates for ecological protections for the seas, sky and land that makes his livelihood possible, as well as social protections for the restaurant workers that do the same.

To celebrate both of these aspects of Good France this year, Chef Ripert is pairing up with Chef Gerald Passedat for an incredible dinner on March 23.

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