The Most Beautiful Cities in Midi-Pyrénées

Albi sprouted around the original Southern Gothic cathedral and episcopal group of buildings. From walls to roofs, structures to cladding, red brick and tiles are everywhere. Along with Toulouse and Montauban, Albi is one of the main cities built in Languedoc-style brick. (External link)

Auch Auch is a very welcoming town whose prestigious architectural heritage, a testament of a past laden with history, will captivate you. On top of its cultural attractions, Auch's culinary traditions, in perfect harmony with nature, will satisfy your palate. (External link)

Enfolded by the Lot, Cahors, with its attractive streets, golden tiles, venerable plane-trees, and bustling boulevards, is busy reinventing la dolce vita in its own inimitable way. The entire town is an open invitation to take a pleasant stroll. (External link)

Discover an exceptional environment in the heart of the Pyrénées Natural Park, a setting where the association between man and nature has been recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO (External link) . (External link)

For over a century, the Sanctuary has been faithful to its mission of welcoming and helping those who stop on their pilgrimage here. With six million visitors a year, Lourdes is one of the most frequented (External link) places of pilgrimage in the world. (External link)

Millau A remarkable witness of history, the town of Millau is home to many incredible buildings and treasures of architecture, of which eleven are listed as ancient monuments. Come and see Millau Viaduct as well, the tallest cable-stayed road bridge in the world and one of the most outstanding constructions of the beginning of this century. (External link)

Listed as a city of Art and History, Montauban is the oldest of the bastides (walled towns) of Southern France. This pink brick city has kept its own identity by renovating its monuments, the witnesses of an eventful history. (External link)

Take an extraordinary journey through a surprising world of strangely formed rocks. Water and wind have sculpted these contorted shapes in the grey stone of the Causses Noir, creating a fantastic world of bewitching forms. (External link)

Revel Revel, with its octagonal shape and original grid street pattern, is nearly unique in France as a perfect example of a bastide, founded at the foot of the Montagne Noire (the Black Mountains). (External link)

A sanctuary, a legend: Rocamadour is magic all the way up. A dream built of stone, perfectly poised above the Alzou gorge, this place of pilgrimage is a fusion of earth and sky. A church in the cliffside, a suspended village, a castle in the air... (External link)

Rodez Rodez welcomes you for a stay at the center of Aveyron, offering you “City Pleasures in the Heart of the Countryside”. Visit the cathedral, Notre Dame de Rodez, the Fenaille Museum, and the Haras National Stud Farm before strolling through the historic center of the city. (External link)

Ideally situated in the heart of Southern France, the cosmopolitan and enthusiastic Ville Rose joyously mixes heritage and lifestyle, great cultural events and festival pleasures. Toulouse is an absolute must for everyone wanting to explore this part of France. (External link)

Villefranche-de-Rouergue Lying between the Lot and the Aveyron, the countryside around Villefranche-de-Rouergue reveals its thousands-of-year-old: cave dwellings from prehistoric times, castles, Romanesque and Gothic churches, monasteries and abbeys, royal walled towns left us by the men of Middle Ages. (External link)