The Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris

The museum :

Situated in the historic Marais district, in one of the finest private mansions in Paris, the religious heritage museum is dedicated to Jewish culture and history, tracing the development of Jewish communities through their cultural heritage and traditions.
This site for religious tours in Paris places special emphasis on Jewish culture and history and spiritual heritage in France. However, the spiritual religious tours site in France also looks at the communities elsewhere in Europe and North Africa, which helped to make French Judaism what it is today.
Apart from art objects, textiles and manuscripts about Judaism and France, the museum presents unique documents about intellectual, artistic and historic movements – including the archives of the Dreyfus affair. Chagall, Modigliani, Soutine, Kikoïne and other artists illustrate the role played by Jews in 20th Century art.

The museum’s collection

The museum traces the development of Jewish culture and history through the study of diverse objects, documents, and artworks in its collection spanning from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Appreciate how Jewish communities have preserved their traditions and spiritual religious heritage in France while at the same time adapting to and adopting the dominant cultures in the Diaspora. Some highlights include "From Antiquity to the Middle Ages" and "Rituals and Traditions" and "The Emancipation: the French Model."

Special collections

The museum offers many special collections, such as 435 photographs by celebrated artist Helmar Lerski, archives with thousands of documents, and a collection of key works. There are also plenty of guided tours like "From Venice to Fez, the art of the Jewish silver smiths"

Outside the Museum: discover the Jewish Marais district

Given in English and Hebrew, follow the guide in the Marais district in Paris. In this religious tours in France destination, you will discover a place where Jews used to live since the Middle Ages. Religious tours in Paris such as this one will start to bring history of the French Jews to life in the streets of Paris.

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Musée d'art et d'histoire de Judaïsme (External link)


71, rue du Temple, 75003 Paris