Saint Malo is a port city in Brittany in northwestern France on the English Channel and perfectly fits into the European West Coast cruise destination There are increasing opportunities for short cruises in the region with the possibility of embarkation from different countries with an enormous variety of landscape all within a short distanceSt. Malo's port is located right in the middle of the Vauban style walled city. It's also the quickest way to reach one of the international marvels of the world listed by UNESCO: Mont St. Michel only 40 minutes by bus from the port. Every night from June to September, the Mont St Michel offers an evening light and sound show. A great experience and attraction for your cruise passenger.

Strategically placed for cruise itineraries, and one of France's most attractive coastal towns, St. Malo has something to offer all cruise ship passengers: scenery, a bustling atmosphere, great restaurants and cafes, the best Spa Resort and beaches in Brittany. St. Malo is also a real asset to themed cruises, with lots to offer from gardens, golf and gastronomy to Celtic culture, maritime history and ancient castles specific to the region.
Ships from 150 meters to 250 meters in length can anchor just a few minutes away by tender from the terminal in the middle of the city. Vessels measuring less than 150 meters can dock at berth. Both the terminal and the tender landing are less than a three-minute walk to gates of the walled city. The city can accommodate up to four ships at once. We refurbish and improve the services at the terminal every year (restaurant, music, taxi, parking lot..).
This popular tourist destination and busy ferry port offers visitors an authentic glimpse into Brittany's important seafaring past. Saint Malo has several districts, the most popular being intra muros or 'inside the walls'. The tall granite buildings, most of which were restored after being bombed during the war, house an interesting mix of cosy hotels, restaurants to suit all tastes and shops by the dozen. Around 10,000 cruise guests and 30 ships are expected to visit St. Malo in 2018. An touristic information desk with cuise greeters and a special cruise "your keys to the city" is offered at the terminal to all cruise passengers.

New tour for 2019: Christian Dior Museum is the only "Musée de France" dedicated to a couturier. Since 2010, in addition to an annual thematic exhibition, it organizes an autumn-winter exhibition, "Une maison, des collections", showing its permanent collections and its most recent acquisitions. Rekindling the memory of the designer's childhood paradise, objects are juxtaposed with designer dresses created from 1947 onwards, and later by the subsequent artistic directors, who have remained faithful to Christian Dior's memory, maintaining a connection to his preferred themes.


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