Rail Europe backgrounder

Electric-powered high-speed rail is an eco-friendly solution in an era of climate change and oil shortages. High-speed trains are three times as energy efficient as regional trains, but even the slowest train is 25% more energy efficient than a car.

Comparing emissions: Flying between London, Paris and Brussels generates 10 times more greenhouse gas emissions than traveling by train.

High-speed train travel saves energy: 0.3 gallons of gas gives 15.5 plane miles, 27 car miles and 90 train miles. The TGV (France's high-speed train) emits 8.2g carbon dioxide per passenger. The car emits 144g per passenger. The plane emits 120g per passenger.

High-speed trains offer extraordinary comfort, excellent amenities and ultimate efficiency traveling at speeds of up to 200 mph. A few of the more popular high-speed trains include:

AVE –Spain's high-speed lines link the popular cities of Barcelona and Madrid as well as the historical Andalusia regions of Cordoba and Seville.
Eurostar – offers seamless train journeys between the UK and continental Europe. At speeds of up to 186 mph, the train provides service between London and Paris, as well as London and Brussels. Eurostar also features daily services to Disneyland® Resort Paris, direct services from London to Avignon during the summer months and to the French Alps in the winter months. Frecciarossa, Frecciargento – provide speedy service to Italian city centers including Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan in addition to convenient access to smaller Italian towns and destinations.
ICE – passengers can enjoy short journeys to all the major German cities including Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Berlin, in addition to connecting services to Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.
ITALO – travelers aboard Italo, the new high speed Italian train can enjoy non-stop service at speeds of up to 223 mph. Italo offers high speed connections between major Italian cities such as Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples.
TGV – this high-speed rail network connects over 200 cities within France and neighboring countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.
Thalys– offers high-speed trains that link Paris to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Cologne and other cities.
SJ High-Speed – at speeds of up to 125 mph, the SJ High-Speed offers travel between Stockholm and major cities in the south and southwest of Sweden, including international routes to bordering countries.

City Night Line – connecting Germany &Scandinavia
Elipsos – connecting Spain to France or Switzerland
Lusitania – connecting Spain and Portugal

Chocolate Train, Bernina Express, Glacier Express, Golden Tour, Wilhelm Tell Express

Premier tickets are the highest class of service.They can be exchanged and in certain cases, allow access to the station lounge. Seats are also first class, spacious and recline.
Comfort class tickets cannot be exchanged and do not provide access to the station lounge. However, seats are first class, spacious and recline.
Economy class tickets cannot be exchanged and do not provide access to the station lounge. Trains seats are standard or second class.

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Matt Frappier, SAS Media Relations, Zeno Group