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The Secret Celtic Heritage of Brittany

The beauty of Brittany attracts many travelers, transporting them into a world of mysticism and legends. Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, here are some little-known facts about Brittany's Celtic roots:

  • The Celts originally came from the steppes of Central Europe, but began migrating West towards the Atlantic
  • The historic "Gaulois" people of France are actually Celts who migrated and stayed in France
  • The word Celtae or Galates means "invader" in Latin, and it later became Gallie and finally Gaulois
  • The Celts fled from France following the Roman invasions
  • From the 5th century AD, a group of Briton people returned from Great Britain in order to flee their invaded homeland, settling in the Armorican Peninsula (what is now "Brittany")
  • Many Celtic dilects were lost throughout history, however Breton, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish are still spoken today.
  • Today Brittany is one of the 6 offical Celtic nations of the world. Others include, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man