Take an RV Tour of the French Vineyards

If you travel by RV or motorhome, you can choose natural sites and discover the best the French countryside has to offer… All over France, the hosts from France Passion welcome you to stay overnight.

Free stopover sites all over France

France Passion is a network which gathers 1750 stopovers covering 89 French departments. Visitors traveling by RV will find farmers, winegrowers, craftsmen/women, and farm inns all over France waiting to welcome them for a free stopover on their properties, day or night, for up to 24hrs.

These stopovers are an opportunity to meet passionate people who will share with you their know-how and make you discover charming places. Taste authentic local products: olive oil, cheese, wine from all the wine-growing regions of France, organic fruit and vegetables, cured meats, honey, duck liver, pâté…

The France Passion host offers a warm welcoming, stabilized locations, advice, tips and ideas to visit the region.

Through stopovers in the 17 French vineyards, from Alsace to the Rhône Valley, through Champagne, the Loire Valley, Cognac or Burgundy, go and meet winemakers and take time to talk with them.

In the Bordeaux vineyard, for example, in Saint-Emilion, 4 castles offer welcoming conditions of quality: welcoming right in the middle of the vines, watering place, sanitary facilities, locations for 2 to 5 motorhomes, possibility of packed lunch, breakfast or dinner with local products…

Join the France Passion network

If you're traveling across France in an RV and want to take advantage of the friendly welcome offered by the network you just have to purchase the France Passion kit which includes a personal and numbered guest card, annual window sticker, the guide and a stopover map. The stopover (max 24hrs) and any facilities available (toilets, water - water shortage only, etc) are always free. You may also, if you wish, purchase produce directly from your hosts at the property.