Visit the Arromanches D-Day Museum

Travel back in time and experience the Battle of Normandy as if you were really there. At Arromanches 360, it's really possible.

This was where the Allies defeated the German army in 1944, making it an important site in the Normandy military campaign.

This seaside village was host to an artificial port made of 71 boxes, 500 meters of docks and 8 floating roadways, a unique work in the history of mankind.

The circular cinema dominates the remains of the artificial harbor and immerses the viewer in the operations that it documents.

19 minutes of previously unseen images

With projections surrounding you on 9 high-definition screens, the new film "Normandy's 100 Days" recounts the terrible Battle of Normandy in its entirety.

Presenting images collected from sources worldwide, the film takes you back to the events that occurred 70 years ago in just 20 minutes.

These largely-unedited eyewitness testimonies are the product of authentic technical and artistic advancements, from Canadian, American, German, and French archives.


Arromanches 360 Circular Cinema
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