Visit the Château de Béru, Home to Burgundy's Exceptional Wines

The Château de Béru, the historic estate of the Comtes de Béru family for over 400 years.

Located amongst the vineyards of the beautiful, sloping hills of Chablisien, in the heart of the village of Béru, the Château stands on unique soil: the Clos Béru, which produces an exceptional wine - indeed, one of the most famous in Burgundy.

Organic Wine Growing

The 14-hectare estate, classified as a Monument Historique (historical monument), is a top producer of organic and biodynamic wine growing. On the Château's main port of entry, you can admire one of Europe's only remaining sun and lunar dials.

Located 200 kilometers south of Paris and 30 kilometers from Auxerre, the Château de Béru is the heart and soul of Béru village. The Clos Béru spreads out across five hectares, surrounded by fortified walls dating back to the thirteenth century.


Tours of the Château available from April 15 to November 15, at 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM or by appointment.


Located 200 km south of Paris and 30 km from Auxerre, capital of Yonne, the Château de Béru is located in the village of Béru.
The easiest access is to take the A6 motorway exit No. 20 to TONNERRE, after Auxerre coming from Paris, or exit No. 21 to NITRY from the south.


Château de Béru
32, Grande Rue
89700 Béru
+0033 86 75 90 43


32, Grande Rue, 89700 Béru