Discover the 9 host cities of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

Warm up, hit the field, and cheer on your team as you visit these beautiful host cities in France.


Situated at a natural crossroads between the Rhone valley, the Massif Central and the Alps, Lyon's strategically important position made it the capital of the Gauls at the time of the Roman Empire and a hotbed of commercial and financial activity during the Renaissance. An industrial powerhouse in more recent history, the city has reinvented itself again in the contemporary era, becoming a hive of cutting-edge technology. The city now has the second largest student population in France and is heralded far and wide for its quality of life, as well as its rich architectural and cultural heritage.

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Rennes reveals Brittany’s dynamic and festive side! Brought to life by a vibrant student population, its 2000 years of history have been preserved and restored, from the Parliament of Brittany to the many half-timbered houses of the old town. Here, gastronomy goes way beyond the famous « galette-saucisse » served at Lices Market, with a thriving restaurant and street food scene, local artisan beers and the ubiquitous Breton cider.
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It is impossible to disassociate Grenoble from the Alps; the Mountain Film Festival, skiing just 30 minutes from the city centre or views of Mont Blanc from France’s oldest cable car! In spite of this, the city’s flat terrain makes it perfect to explore by bike, along the riverbanks, through parks and gardens or past the street art that adorns the city.

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Le Havre

The Normandy city of Le Havre is a veritable maritime metropolis in which you can enjoy the sunset over the Seine Estuary from the Hanging Gardens, a boat ride around the harbour or a stroll along the pretty beachfront promenade lined with restaurants and cafés. MuMa is France’s 2nd largest collection of Impressionist works and the city centre, rebuilt by Perret, is UNESCO listed.
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Nice, full of natural brilliance, capital of the Côte d'Azur, and one of the most-visited cities in the world.

The city of Nice comes together a genuine charm with geniality of the surrounding Mediterranean by means of providing a host of incredible activities and beautiful sites where you can take a visit. It is truly a city of history, art, culture, events, creation, nature, leisure, and culinary flavors.
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Paris has something for everyone - it's a multifaceted, magical, mythical and sometimes surprising capital that is always exciting. People come to Paris to admire its exceptional architectural and cultural heritage, making it one of the world's most beautiful cities. This dynamic heritage is constantly being improved and enriched. A city where something is always happening, Paris is also the capital of gastronomy, fashion and shopping.

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Reims is the city of the coronation of Kings and the home of champagne. Notre-Dame Cathedral from 1211 comes to life with a music and lights show and the city centre boasts Art Deco marvels. However, it is the pleasure of a flute of bubbles in the prestigious wine cellars of the champagne houses or at a friendly bar or restaurant, such as those on Place Drouet d’Erlon, for which this city is truly world-famous.

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Montpellier, midway between Spain and Italy, just seven kilometres from the Mediterranean, is one of the cities that's most loved by the French. With its narrow streets and sunny little squares, its international festivals and student festivities, Montpellier offers an exceptional quality of life.
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Located in northern France not far from the Belgian border, Valenciennes is a city recognized for culture and creativity, which gave it the nickname, "Athens of the North". Valenciennes stood in the path of two World Wars, but restored its monuments and has just revamped its centre with a trendy shopping mall.

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