Orléans: what to do, what to see...

This city on the banks of the River Loire is dominated by the 13th Century Sainte Croix Cathedral and by the legacy of Joan of Arc, whose memory has been kept alive for 600 years with a parade that exudes medieval atmosphere. Its historic city centre abounds with half-timbered houses, Renaissance façades and stunning mansion houses, whilst the banks of the UNESCO listed River Loire provide the perfect escapade by bike or on foot.


• 17th Century Place du Martroi and rue Royale with its shopping arcades
• The Hôtel Groslot, a 16th Century mansion house
• The stained-glass and Gothic arch of Sainte Croix Cathedral
• Cycling trails and walking paths along the banks of the River Loire
• The old town centre from the cathedral to the banks of the Loire


• Five centuries of works by the great masters at the Museum of Fine-Arts
• The contemporary Les Turbulences building, housing the Centre-Val de Loire contemporary art fund
• The 35ha Parc Floral gardens boasting a little train and the source of the Loirette River
• Relive the story of Joan of Arc
• Watch 200 traditional boats parade during the Festival de Loire


• Traditional vinegar by Martin Pouret
• Light and crispy Jards de Loire biscuits
• Crunchy Praslines Mazet toasted almonds
• PDO Orléans and PDO Orléans-Cléry wines
• Typical Cotignac sugared quince paste


• The Clou d'Orléans emblem showing the silhouette of Joan of Arc on horseback
• PDO Orléans Chardonnay white and PDO Orléans-Cléry red wine
• Traditionally-made vinegars by Martin Pouret
• Typical Cotignac sugared quince paste
• 4 flavours of Macarons aux fruits d'Orleans

Getting to Orléans