Ideally located on the route between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the port of Le Havre has all the facilities required to welcome both the largest and smallest cruise liners, 24/7. The cruise activity developed simultaneously on the river and the sea: at the Pointe de Floride, for the sea cruises, and on the inland waterways, for the river cruises between Paris and the Seine Valley.

The variety of tourist attractions available in Le Havre, Normandy and Paris helps to create visitor loyalty as, all year round, each stopover offers a range of new opportunities for exciting excursions for every category of cruise, be it contemporary, premium or luxury cruises.

Having shot to the top of the list of cruise destinations in Northern Europe being marketed as “Le Havre, the Gateway to Paris, and with the international influence created by the 500th anniversary of the town and the port in 2017, Le Havre was voted “Destination of the Year 2017” at Seatrade Hamburg. Le Havre now attracts cruise passengers with its own assets: 20th century architecture listed as World Heritage, and its status as the birthplace of impressionism, a coastal resort, and a “Town of Art and History”.

The Cruise Terminal has all the necessary facilities for a high quality welcome of passengers in transit or embarking on a cruise. It serves up to 4 quays. Access to the facilities is controlled. Concerned with the quality of its infrastructure, the Port of Le Havre has committed until 2018 to a programme of maintenance work on the Pointe de Floride, beginning with the modernisation of the Pierre Callet and Roger Meunier quays. Cost of work: 8 million euros.

The number of calls and passengers will reach 140 calls and 420 000 pax in 2018 (from 129 / 397 000 in 2017). 40 dates of total or partial turnarounds are scheduled, with MSC Cruises, princess Cruises, Costa Cruises and Rivages du Monde.

In the context of an agreement with the Grand Port maritime du Havre, the Cruise Department of Le Havre Tourism manages the Cruise Terminal. It is entirely dedicated to development, promotion, operation and the reception of cruise visitors. Le Havre Tourism also coordinates the Cruise Club, which brings together the different institutional partners and professionals involved in the development of this industry.


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