Discover Somme American Cemetery

Although officially called the Somme American Cemetery, it is actually located in the Aisne department, in the Bony district.

It is so named because, in addition to the graves of American soldiers who fought from 24th September 1918 on the very site of this cemetery, during the Battle for the Hindenburg line, it also harbours the graves of soldiers who fought on the Somme during the great German offensive of March 1918. There are 1,844 war graves.

This cemetery is one of the eight American WW1 military cemeteries administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission. There are rows of marble crosses, Latin crosses for Christian soldiers and adorned with the Star of David for soldiers of the Jewish faith.

The memorial is by the architect, George Howe of Philadelphia, and the French sculptor, Marcel Loyeau. On the façade of the chapel are carved, in Art Deco lettering, the words: “To those who died for their country”.


Rue Macquincourt, 02420 Bony