On the Green on the Opal Coast

In the early 20th century, the British took an interest in the landscapes around the French seaside spas, seeing there the ideal setting for…golf, of course!

The original courses constructed in collaboration with the great names of golf architecture, Wimereux, Le Touquet, and Hardelot, grew to be great successes, drawing the likes of the Prince of Wales and future King, Edward VII, and his cousin, the ninth Duke of Argyll.

Unfortunately the coast was severely bombarded during WWII, largely destroying the original courses, but beginning in the 1950s, a few tenacious aficionados restored them to their former glory, once again turning the Opal Coast into a high-society hotspot. As a vacation area, the Opal Coast today offers much more than just golf. Visitors find great beaches, casinos, tennis, riding centers, and quality accommodations.

In addition, things have taken a more egalitarian turn in the last 20 years, inviting anyone to enjoy the sport, with the creation of more courses, including public ones.

Le Touquet, Hardelot, Wimereux, Belle Dune, Abbeville, Dunkerque, Arras, St. Omer, and Nampont-St-Martin (External link) (created in 1978 around a fortified castle that dates back to 858) are all members of the Golf en Côte d’Opale association, and several other golf courses are situated further inland around Arras and Lille. The excellent quality of these courses allows them to host high-level professional competitions, as well as offer golfers a wide variety of challenges and landscapes.

It’s a golfer’s paradise, with room for the whole family.

Check out Golf on the Opal Coast (External link) for all the information you need.