Visit Picardy

If you’re traveling to France looking for wide open spaces and a protected natural environment, if you appreciate local culture, and if you enjoy meeting new people as much as visiting a heritage monument in France, then Picardy is the right France travel vacation place for you.

Picardy, a land of wide open spaces

With a great history of royal dynasties, a France tour packages vacation in Picardie will undoubtedly be colored by rich tradition, history and heritage in France. Travel the region’s scenic coast, beautiful green valleys, and fruitful forests. For adventurous tourists traveling to France, tour the scenic Bay of Somme where countless outdoor France vacation packages tourism activities like kayaking, yachting, hiking, horse trekking and bike trips await you.

For bird-watchers and nature reserve enthusiasts traveling to France, visit the House of the Bay of Somme and Birds and the Marquenterre Ornithological Park. Botany enthusiasts will be enchanted by the many remarkable heritage France tourism parks and gardens, including the Gardens of Valloires.

A region rich in History

France vacation tour packages to the Picardie region show the rich religious or spiritual heritage in France including the Senlis Cathedral, the Beauvais Cathedral, the Abbey of Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache and the Saint-Quentin Basilica.

The International Festival of Living History showcases the France travel region’s rich history, which can largely be traced back to the Middle-Ages.

The Seigniorial (Manorial) of Coucy, the Bouffon Celebrations, the Medievals of Laon and the Medieval Feast of Eaucourt successfully recreate medieval life, which is showcased in the Medieval City of Lucheux.

Traveling to France, the Castle of Pierrefonds , Castle of Condé and the Orientation and Interpretation Center in Thiepval also display fascinating snippets of Picardy’s history.

A generous table

The people of this France travel and tourismregion are known to not only be hospitable, but also great culinary artists.Traditional heritageFrance specialties include the Picardie Ficelle (a crêpe with ham andmushrooms), a duck pâté pie, rabbit with prunes, eel and mussels. Gastronomicdelicacies include the Lords of Coucy rissoles (pastry croquettes), caghuse(slices of simmered pork) and the soissoulet, a stew made with beans fromSoissons.

Irresistible deserts include theCompiègne Cake, Picantins (local handmade chocolates), macarons, ChocolateTuiles from Amiens, and Raffolait milk candies. To drink, locals enjoy FolieDouce as an aperitif, artisanalFrench wine made from red fruits. Pear cider and champagne from the axonside of the Marne Valley is also popular, and offers a festive air to meals.

Activities in Picardy

The Prix de Diane and the Chantilly Jockey-Club figure amongst the great equestrian events. The Days of the Rose in the Abbey of Chaalis and the Nights of Fire at Chantilly Castle offer explosion of colors to any stay in Picardy.

The colors call to mind those that adorn the cathedrals in grandiose light shows, displayed at the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Amiens during a few weeks each year.

On top of all that, history is reinvented in a small Gallic village that awaits visitors at the Astérix Amusement Park. Other great destinations include The Sea of Sand, Samara and Saint-Paul Amusement Park.

This is tourism with a human face, a relationship based on complicity, the sense that things are tailored for your particular requirements - "just for you" - that’s the Spirit of Picardy!