Reach New Heights at the Aeroscopia in Toulouse (Blagnac)

The Region’s Symbolic Museum

Located in Blagnac, right next to the Airbus factory where A380 planes are assembled, Aeroscopia is THE reference for aviation museums of the world.

Of course, the Midi-Pyrénées region is the cradle of aviation. Consequently, both the greater area of Toulouse and Blagnac are considered Europe’s premier aeronautics platforms.

In fact, the first ever powered aircraft was secretly built south of Toulouse, in Muret, in 1890, by Clémence Ader. Over a century later, both the Airbus A380 and the Concorde made their maiden flights from Toulouse, in 2005 and in 1969 respectively.

Aviation is the driving force of the region’s economy with about 80 000 people currently working in the industry.

The Entire History and Culture of Aviation

Discover how planes are assembled, the equipment and engines, successful projects, the not-so-successful ones, and more through aircraft models and touch-screen terminals on display in the Museum.

The highlight of your visit is none other than the 7 000 m2 exhibition hall! Legendary planes such as the Airbus A300B, two of the 20 ever built Concorde airliners, the Super Guppy, or even the Caravelle (the first commercial aircraft, built in the 1950s), are the symbol of European aeronautics.

Step inside the Super Guppy (which can hold up to 30 people) for the screening of a film on aviation history. As for the Airbus A300B, a section of its cabin has transparent walls and flooring, revealing all the secrets of the aircraft’s system.

A score of other smaller aircrafts are also featured right next to the legendary planes. Some are suspended, as the replica of the plane of Louis Bleriot, the first person to fly over the English Chanel in 1909. Other not-to-be missed include the Corvette, the Falcon 10, the Gazelle, or even the Saab Draken.

In addition to a rich documentation center, the Museum also has a 58 meter-long fresco chronicling over 100 years of aviation history: the pioneers, the rise of the industry, aeronautics during the war, technological breakthroughs…

Preserving the History of Aviation

Aeroscopia’s primary goal is to preserve the history of aeronautics, but also to generate interest in aviation, science, and technology. The museum wishes to inspire younger generations considering a career in aeronautics.

Discovering aviation is an exciting and captivating adventure. Every year, Airbus head quarters welcome over 150 000 visitors curious to find out how the A380 is assembled.

Manatour actually offers tickets that allow you to visit both Aeroscopia and Airbus industrial sites. The tour operator has been organizing guided visits on Airbus head quarters since 1990.


Rue Roger Béteille
31700 Blagnac


Rue Roger Béteille, 31700 Blagnac