Visit Saint-Girons

Saint-Girons, Couserans capital.

In the shadow of the Gallo-Roman walls of the ancient episcopal city of Saint-Lizier, the smiling capital of the Couserans extends its picturesque streets on the sides of two tumultuous torrents from the highest mountains, Salat and Lez, which meet in its center.

Its fairs and markets pour into the streets several times each month, with an entire population descending from the high mountain valleys to sell livestock, and purchase indispensable supplies for family life. The markets are always lively, colorful, and sure to amaze admiring tourists.

The presence of the Pyrenees, including its iconic peaks such as Mont Valier and Crabère Peak, attract lovers of mountain sports.

For those who enjoy walking and nature, the Foix / Saint-Girons greenway has 42 kilometers to enjoy the ariégeois environment away from the bustle of motor vehicles. Built on the route of the old railway line, and great for leisurely strolls or exercise, the greenway winds between Foix and Couserans country, in the heart of Séronais.

Saint-Girons and Cycling

Saint-Girons city will again start of the 9th stage of the 100th edition of the Tour de France.
At a crossroads between eighteen different valleys, Saint-Girons has often seen the Tour de France ride past. Luis Leon Sanchez scored a great victory in 2009and Saint-Girons will again serve as the start of the 9th stage of the 100th edition of the Tour. But Saint-Girons was also often the start of mountain stages in the Pyrenees. In 1995 and 2003, the roads to Cauterets and Loudenvielle helped Richard Virenque collect points for the polka-dot jersey. Yet the Tour faced a tragedy that day in 1995, when Fabio Casartelli died in the descent of Portet d’Aspet.

A former yellow jersey holder, Frederic Moncassin, who also won two stages in 1996, now lives near St Girons, where he opened a restaurant named after a road sign he used to relish: “La Flamme rouge”.

Not to miss in Saint-Girons and around...

  • Place Alphonse Sentein
  • The Saint-Valier church
  • The Patrice Bonnet memorial
  • The castle of the Visconti Couserans