Paris: Speakeasies with a Prohibition-Era Ambiance

Inspired by clandestine bars in vogue in 1920s America, speakeasies promise a unique experience: feeling like you're in on some secret initiation, one of the happy few allowed to enter! You're also guaranteed to enjoy quality cocktails.

Pizza as Camouflage

Before getting a chance to savor cocktails prepared by sharp bartenders in period clothing and discover an intimate Moonshiner ambiance, you’ll have to get past the De Vito Pizzeria! There, you'll find the hidden door to this authentic underground bar.
5, rue Sedaine - 75011 Paris

A Bit of Mexico in Paris

At the back of a taqueria, a surprising door leads to a hidden bar that serves margaritas and cocktails fine-tuned by its barmen. This is the way to discover the Candelaria. The 1K Hotel also banked on Mexico for its clandestine bar La Mezcaleria, serving cocktails made from Mezcal (liquor made from agave).
52, rue Saintonge - 75003 Paris

La Mezcaleria
13, boulevard du Temple - 75003 Paris

Doing Laundry with Friends

Le Lavomatic is located on the ground floor of a laundromat in the 10th arrondissement. Once you find the door and go up the stairs, an apartment with living room chairs and swings welcomes you. Natural wines, artisanal beer, cocktails and small house-made plates will make you feel right “at home.”
Le Lavomatic
30, rue René Boulanger - 75010 Paris

Indian Mood

By day, a pretty coffee shop called Elaichi, this spot transforms in the evening to Baranaan, a speakeasy that proposes a menu with a mix of cocktails and Indian naan - and an ambiance obviously inspired by Bollywood.
7, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin - 75010 Paris

Cozy Ambiance and Cocktails on Point

Steakhouse, black door, stairs, hallway. The entry to Ballroom du Beef Club is worth it. At this in-the-know bar you’ll find a subdued ambiance of cozy couches on which to sip a large selection of original cocktails.
Le Ballroom du Beef Club
58, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau - 75001 Paris