Suresnes American Cemetery

The American cemetery at Suresnes is located on the slopes of Mont-Valérien and covers three hectares. Established in 1917, it contains the graves of 1541 Americans who died during the First World War, and those of 24 unknown soldiers from the Second World War. On the walls of the chapel, bronze plaques bear the names of 974 men lost at sea. Perfect rows of crosses in white Carrare marble, including 22 stars of David for Jewish soldiers, form a V-shape extending either side of the central avenue to the chapel. The war dead rest side by side for all eternity, with no distinctions of rank, race or faith. It is a moving experience to cast your eye over all the tombs and note the presence of two brothers, two cousins and eight nurses.

How to Get There

Suresnes American Cemetery is in the city of Suresnes, 5 miles west of the centre of Paris. It can be reached by automobile, taxi or metro and suburban trains; the latter depart about every 15 minutes from the Gare St. Lazare to the Suresnes Mont Valerien station. From the Suresnes station it is only a 10-minute walk to the cemetery. There is a panoramic view of Paris from the site, which is located high on the slopes of Mont Valerien.


Cimetière américain de Suresnes
123 boulevard Washington
92150 Suresnes
Tel. : +33(0)1 46 25 01 70


123 Boulevard Washington, 92150 Suresnes