A Walking Tour Through Saint Germain des Prés with Eurobound

A Walk-Through Saint Germain des Prés & Chocolate Walking Tour & Workshop

Either in the morning or in the afternoon, you will reach the Pantheon. There, you will meet our professional guide to enjoy our Saint Germain des Prés tour with some French expressions along the way. You will discover the Pantheon, Jardin du Luxembourg and Saint Germain des Prés. Saint-Germain-des-Prés (or simply Saint-Germain by the locals) is one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Paris where you will walk around little streets where remarkable shopkeepers, craftsmen and restaurants work. This is truly a cultural heaven. During the medieval times, this district was a large fortified abbey on the outskirts of Paris. Today, it is surrounded by churches, museums and art galleries but, behind all this, the traces of its exciting history are still visible. Saint Germain des Prés remains the place where French intellectuals love to discuss over a café. You will explore the ancient and modern Saint Germain! This privately guided walk includes tickets to the Panthéon.

Then, meet your private, fully qualified French pastry chef and chocolate connoisseur at the chocolate workshop. Paris is well known for its delicious chocolate, and this is your chance to discover the specialties of the most famous masters of Paris in an engaging and entertaining way. It all starts with an introductory tasting experience, and a brief exposé on the history of chocolate. Then, embark on a 45-minute walking tour of the chic Saint Honoré neighborhood, exploring and tasting several of the award-winning chocolatiers in the area. Finally, once back at the privatized chocolate atelier, follow the chocolatier’s simple instructions, and, when you get your aprons on, start creating some of your very own chocolates to take with you once you leave. You can even reproduce them at home! Each tour will be adjusted according if you prefer milk or dark chocolate.

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