5 incredibly instagrammable places in France

From its natural beauty (wild and cultivated) to the wide boulevards of Paris and the charming villages everywhere in-between, France is teeming with instagrammable places. According to our Instagram followers at francefr, these are some of our most popular!

The lavender fields of Provence

There may be nothing quite so Instagram-adored as the purple-hued Plateau de Valensole, where the lavender stretches to infinity. The subtle aroma of these flowers have been beloved in Provence since it was a Roman colony, and Instagrammers today love the endless rows of lavender as a backdrop.

Mont St. Michel

The UNESCO-listed Mont St. Michel is renowned for its soaring spires and narrow streets, not to mention the way it seems to blossom from the silt marches of Normandy. It's said that the abbey was built at the request of the Archangel Michael, and through the years the humble chapel grew into the medieval marvel that's so popular with Instagrammers today.

The architecture of Rouen

The stunning structures of this Norman city (like the Gros-Horloge, the star of this photo) has inspired visitors for centuries. Rouen is home to gardens, abbeys, and museums, and the Seine, a major axis with gracefully winding curves that leads to the one and only Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

La Dame de Fer, as she's known to the French, is the crowning glory of the Parisian skyline—celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. In the rain, under blue skies, at midday or in the glow of night, the Eiffel Tower is always an Instagram favorite (External link) .

The Chapelle de l'ange au Violon

Not much is known about this 19th century ruin (External link) —vestige explorers prefer to keep treasures like this hidden to avoid the dangers of too many visitors. But, Instagram agrees that the delicate balance between culture and nature that the Chapelle represents is hard to forget, and easy to love.

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