Hotels in Paris with an Eiffel Tower view

On a visit to Paris and want a room with a view… Of the Eiffel Tower? We’ve got you covered. Here is our selection of 4 Palace hotels in Paris that offer you not only gorgeous views of this world-famous landmark but also the best of hospitality… a la française. Exquisite rooms, suites with terraces complemented with unmatched views of the iconic Parisian skyline promise an unforgettable holiday!

The Shangri-La Paris

Once home to the Prince Roland Bonaparte, the Shangri-La Paris (External link) is strategically located in the 16th arrondissement in the City of Light. Check into this iconic hotel in Paris to experience the best of old world elegance, Asian hospitality and the legendary French art de vivre. Did you know that their Asian restaurant- the Shang Palace- is the first Chinese fine-dine restaurant in France that has 1 Michelin star classification? Their aptly named “Eiffel View Rooms” offer commanding views of both the Iron Lady and the Seine. For an authentic “crème de la crème” experience, we recommend the Terrace View Eiffel Room. Wake up with breakfast on the balcony that is a perfect setting for Insta-worthy photos of a sumptuous French breakfast and la Tour Eiffel in the background. Or why not a toast to the glamourous City of Light before you wind down for the night?

The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris (External link) is situated right in the heart of Paris and woos you with its inimitable hospitality and its French savoir-faire. At its 1 starred Michelin restaurant, L’Oiseau Blanc, you feast on a double delight of Chef David Bizet’s culinary masterpieces and captivating views of the Eiffel Tower. For a breath of fresh air and panoramic views of the Parisian skyline, this très sublime hotel in Paris offers you its Rooftop on the 6th floor of the hotel. Did you know that the original hotel was one of the very few hotels in Paris to have its own roof garden? If you’d like to invite the Eiffel Tower in your room, then choose for the opulent Rooftop Garden Suite – an elegant duplex with access to the garden terrace. There is also the Katara Suite located on the top floor of the hotel- with lavish interiors-that offers you your own private rooftop garden and views of emblematic Parisian monuments.

The Plaza Athénée

This prestigious hotel in Paris (External link) with its distinctive red awnings can be found on the chic Avenue Montaigne - home to the best of French fashion. From the ornately designed and aptly named Eiffel Suite that overlooks the Avenue Montaigne, two tempting views vie for your attention. On the left, you have elegant boutiques representing the best of French couture and on the right, stands proud and tall, the Eiffel Tower and the very heart of Paris – the River Seine. The Eiffel Tower feels almost at catching distance from this suite, especially in the evening when it puts on its mesmerising sparkle show! Did you know that the Plaza Athénée was one of the first hotels to receive a “Palace” classification which takes it to a level above five-stars and is the highest rating a hotel in France can receive?

Le Meurice

Located between the iconic Louvre museum and the Place de la Concorde stands Le Meurice (External link) – an artistic embodiment of the Parisian art of living. Did you know that Le Meurice has, through the ages, been a source of inspiration to many famed artists ranging from Salvador Dali to Picasso to Warhol who have all contributed to the rich history of this hotel with their creations? Did you also know that, in 1889, Le Meurice became the first hotel in Paris to have a telephone and that in 1907 it became the first Parisian hotel to have a private bathroom installed in every room and suite? On the subject of suites, for a truly palatial stay, we recommend its Belle Etoile Suite. Its magnificence radiates from every corner of this 4 bedroomed duplex suite, from its design to the sublime terrace that offers sweeping panoramic views of iconic Parisian landmarks, including what else but the Eiffel Tower!