Visit Chorges

Located halfway between Gap and Embrun, Chorges is located 835m above sea level on a rocky base.

With the village erected in the valley, the town of Chorges remains a crossroads between the high mountains of the Ecrins National Park, and the famous shores of Lac de Serre-Ponçon, a wonderful lake in the Southern Alps.

This geological, ecological, and climatic crossroads has remarkable natural attractions. Near the most famous ski resorts of the Hautes-Alpes, this territory has been marked by the force of its mountain reliefs, and displays a green landscape, with turquoise colors dominating the St. Michael and Chanteloube bays.

Not to miss in Chorges

  • The Fountain of the 16th century, built in 1548 out of pink marble from the old quarry of Salados, below Chabrières moutains.
  • The Church of Saint Victor, ranked "Monument Historique", dating from the 12th century, built by the monks of the Abbey of St. Victor of Marseille
  • Chapel hamlets