Visit Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux earned its nickname "Giant of Provence" due to its regional location facing the Alps to the north, and the Mediterranean sea to the south.

It is a land bathed in vineyards, orchards and lavender, where people like to settle down for the holidays. This is a sport-lover's paradise, with the challenge of climbing the Mount, as well as cycling, or hiking.

In the wintertime, Mont Ventoux becomes a ski resort, where skiing and snowshoeing is enjoyed by visitors. The place is also a "terroir" of flavors, with truffles, Mount Venasque cherries, and Carpentras strawberries.

Mont Ventoux, Legendary Stop on the Tour de France

Appearing on the Tour course for the first time in 1951, the “Giant of Provence” was the last stage in 1958 for a timed trial that helped Charly Gaul accomplish his final Tour victory. Its impressive climbs are always a challenge - and a great reward - to cyclists. The Mount's looming silhouette, rising out of a sea of forests, is an amazing sight.

Not to miss around Mont Ventoux

  • The richness and variety of its unique flora and fauna have led to it being classified Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
  • Wine and Vineyards
  • The truffle or "Rabasse" in Provencal dialect

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