The Musée National du Sport in Nice

Ready to give into the universe of French sports? On your mark, get set... and go to the Musée National du Sport in Nice. Travel to the edge of French sports history.

Located in the walls of the futuristic Allianz Riviera stadium, this museum is an invitation for a dreamlike trip through a collection of legendary sports artifacts.

Here, Yannick Noah's racket recalls the French tennis player's big win at the Roland Garros French International in 1983.

There, the victory soccer ball of the Bleus at the World Cup in 1998 - the neighbor of the first Olympic trophy, or the gloves of one of France's biggest boxers of all time, Marcel Cerdan.

As a guide, the Olympic relay torches since 1936 puncutate your steps through your discovery of over 45,000 objects and 125,000 documents telling the history of French sports since the sixteenth century.

The details will plunge you deep into the roots of French sports and take you through the path of its technical evolution, its equipment, and a study of the role that sports play in French society.

Higher, faster, stronger, more beautiful - raise the challenge!

Through its permanent exhibits, consider your visit a challenge - or one of the many challenges - posed by the museum's documents and objects.

  • Self Challenge
    Or how sports can give you the ability to overcome your personal obstacles and help you understand your limits in order to overcome them.
  • Collective Challenge
    Or how sports can carry societal values, like solidarity and spirit.
  • Beyond the Limits
    Or the placement of authentic heroes who've overcome the elements: mountain climbers, solo navigators, conquerers of the sky, and so on.
  • Man-to-Man Challenge
    Or how one man, on his own, crosses iron in epic duels. You only need to think of epic opponents like Nadal-Federer (tennis), Anquetil-Poulidor (biking), and George Foreman and Mohamed Ali (boxing).

Fun Activities

The Musée National du Sport promises fun activities alongside its museum exhibits.

It wants to be more than a museum, to become a living space - diverse projections in the auditorium, shows, and workshops complete the array of activities offered by the first museum in France dedicated to sports.


Musée National du Sport
Boulevard des Jardiniers
Stade Allianz Riviera
06203 Nice


boulevard des Jardiniers, 06200 Nice