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A magnificent setting with a wonderful view across a green valley to a mountain range, on a site at medium altitude (910 m) where everything conjures a vision of peace and quiet: the dry and sunny climate, the warm light of the Southern Alps, the plants and the colours. From 1664 to 1718, the Virgin Mary repeatedly appeared to an illiterate shepherdess called Benoîte Rencurel. The Mother of God asked for a church to be built and a house for the priests, declaring that many people would come there to be converted. Generations of pilgrims have been coming to the shrine for more than 300 years.

Getting there


  • Marseille (180 km)
  • Turin (200 km)
  • Lyon (220 km)


  • Paris-Gap (10 km)
  • Marseille-Gap (10 km)
  • Arrival at Gap railway station

By car:

  • From Grenoble : 120 km
  • From Marseille : 180 km
  • From Nice : 230 km

The hotel provides a shuttle service for guests from the Gap rail and coach stations to Le Laus. Reservation required (€11 per person)


Accommodation: Hôtellerie Notre-Dame du Laus


Visiting the city:

  • Walks around Le Laus
  • Reading time (lending library open in summer and during holidays)
  • Exploring the Hautes-Alpes, skiing, mountain walks, etc.

Visiting the shrine:

  • Time for prayer and confession
  • Meeting with a priest-chaplain
  • Activities open to everyone
  • Lectures
  • Meetings with other pilgrims
  • Notre Dame du Laus : guided tours of the shrine and walks around Le Laus, including the sites of the apparitions


  • Booklet introducing the history of Le Laus (fr, en, it, pt)
  • Booklet about the hotel (fr, en, it, de, pl)
  • Annual programme of events (in French)

Special Events

See the programme at: (External link)

Notre Dame du Laus