Centrally located in the Western Med and nestled at the heart of the most beautiful and best sheltered bay in the French Med, Toulon is known as a safe and quality alternative to cruise within the area. But beyond, Toulon is a blessed destination, offering a relaxing atmosphere, a direct access to the most beautiful white sand beaches in the French Med and the authenticity of the Provencal way of life…

Toulon Cruise port
-3 Terminals around the bay

1 - Toulon City-Center Terminal
2 - La Seyne sur mer Cruise Terminal
3 - Le Palais du Commerce & de la Mer (PCM)

- Services & Experience All terminals around the bay are offering the same standards!
- Multilingual reception staff present all day long to assist, delivering information and providing free maps and brochures
- Arts & crafts local market showcasing local production and offering the possibility to interact with the artists and designers
- Yearly highlights are celebrated all year round with the cruise guests

•Guests satisfaction
According to a satisfaction survey conducted by BVA (a French renowned survey institute) the past years, for 87% of cruise guests, their visit met all expectations and for 71 % of them even went beyond! As a proof, 66% of the cruise visitors are willing to return!
•Cruise Friendly (Seatrade Insider Award Finalist - marketing initiative of the year 2017) Launched in Toulon five years ago, it gathers shops owners, tourism, leisure’s and culture providers under the same flag, with the same goal; contribute to deliver the best experience ashore so the cruise visitors can keep an unforgettable memory of their day in Toulon.
•A boutique port out of the crowds…

Toulon Cruise destination Located at the heart of both Provence and the French Riviera, Toulon is offering a wide range of tours options in these two worldwide marquee destinations. Working closely with the Cruise Club, new exclusive and experiential tours are developed every season. Toulon being capital of the Var Provence area remains lively all year round.
Var Provence is the second tourist destination in France in terms of visitors welcomed. And this is not a chance! Offering more than 300 days of sun per year, preserved and green landscapes, 400 kilometers of coastline with white sandy beaches and translucent turquoise waters, Var Provence has been blessed by Mother Nature.
Toulon being centrally located on the Var Provence coastline offers direct access to all Var Provence wonders and positions itself as a special alternative to the big urban ports that are mostly visited in the Western Med. Toulon is offering to the cruise guests the chance to slow down, to take a breath and to take it easy. In that way, they can enjoy their cruise on a different pace, on a beach and seaside perspective, providing a welcome complementary halt after dense historical and cultural visits on most of their cruise itinerary.