Visit Saint-Tropez, the City of Stars

The very idea of Saint-Tropez is enough to make you dream. The city is still a go-to destination for celebrities and lovers of the sea, sand, history, art, and French heritage. Just like Brigitte Bardot, Pablo Picasse, Alain Delon, and countless other famous figures, discover the enchantments of this Var port city.

Experience the town as you stroll along the tiny alleys of the Vieille Ville, the dainty little squares, and the world famous harbour.

Let yourself be swept off by a taste of Provence, as you walk amidst the Provençal market, with its cuisine, and local specialities, which are the pride of the village.

Saint-Tropez is also a higly cultural and historical destination, which you will discover through the various buildings and monuments: the Annonciade Museum, one of the most beautiful paintings and sculpture Museums from the beginning of the 20th Century, the 17th Century Citadel, or the House of Butterflies.

With its naturally protected environment, the Saint-Tropez Peninsula will delight those who long for walks along its beautiful coastal path, hilltop villages, and magnificient wine domains.

You will find exclusive and highly diversified accommodation in Saint-Tropez, from palaces, to quaint hotels and guest houses.

Saint-Tropez has become the capital of shopping on the Côte d'Azur, with its boutiques open all day long during the season, offering all the best brands in fashion, as well as their world famous crafts and specialities.

Last but not least, Saint-Tropez and the Peninsula offers a large array of top quality dining options, giving connoisseurs a refined, luscious, and subtle yet innovating Provençal cuisine, using a blend of southern flavours with worldwide influence.


  • The continuous pétanque games on the Place des Lices, the Citadelle with its panoramic view over the golf course, the city, the port, and the Old City
  • The New Musée de l'Histoire Maritime de Saint-Tropez: located in the old citadelle donjon, the museum offers one of the most beautiful views of the coast. The museum tells the story of times when Tropezians traveled all over the world. The ambitious scenery makes you feel like you're truly aboard with Tropezian sailors!
  • Monuments: Notre Dame de l'Assomption; the Chapel Sainte-Anne, the Chapel de la Miséricorde, and the Chapel de Saint-Tropez; dozens of urban oratories (hidden in the façades of houses); the Vasserot washhouse and its fountains; the Jarlier Tower; the Moutte Château and its park; the Maison du Maure porch; Emile Ollivier's tomb; the Villa La Hune and its gardens overlooking the Hôtel Latitude 43, constructed by the architect Pingusson; the Du Corsaire staircase; and more.
  • Museums: The Musée de l'Annonciade, dedicated to modern art: Signac, Cross, matisse, and so on; the House of Butterflies, a small museum with over 20,000 species of butterflies from all over the world. Some are unique, such as the ‘Apollon noir’ from the Mercantour National Park.
  • Walks along the coast, wine-making coast, and villages tucked into the mountains; the Provençal market, its culinary specialties and regional ingredients that are the pride of the Côte d'Azur, like the Tarte Tropézienne.

Festivals and Events

  • The ARMEN Festival, March
  • Harley Davidson Euro Festival, May
  • Les Voiles Latines, May
  • Les Bravades de Saint-Tropez, mid-June
  • Giraglia Rolex Cup (regatta), June
  • Classic Tennis Tour, mid-July
  • Feistval des Nuits du Château de la Moutte, July
  • Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez: one of the most beautiful gatherings of traditional and modern sailmakers, September and October
  • La Grande Braderie de Saint-Tropez, October
  • Porsche Paradis, mid-October

Cuisine and Specialties

  • The Tarte Tropézienne
  • The Nougat de Sénéquier
  • The Sandales de Rondini and K. Jacques

Coming to Saint-Tropez

  • Train: Gare des Arcs (47 km), Gare de Saint-Raphaël (38 km), Gare de Toulon (75 km)
  • Airports: Nice Côte d'Azur, Toulon, Saint-Tropez La Môle
  • Highways: From the north, highways A6 and A7 (Autoroute du Soleil). From the southeast, A8 (Autoroute la Provençale).
  • Bus: Gare de Saint-Raphaël (38 km) - line 7601; Gare de Toulon (70 km) - lines 7801 and 7802
  • Cruise ships: the Bateaux Verts, the Navettes Saint-Tropez - Saint-Maxime, the Bateaux de Saint-Raphaël


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