Nocturnal Hikes in Réunion

If Réunion Island is known for its beauty, waves, volcanoes and climate, it should also be known for its sports, nocturnal trails and hikes. Ready to catch an amazing sunrise?

An Original Path

An Urban Nighttime Trail in Saint-Denis

On September 24, the 6th edition of the urban Trail of Saint Denis will take place. Short-distance courses are orgnized for beginners, through the town, on the beach, and near volcanoes - in all, you'll discover a course unlike any other.

For those with a bit more experience, fifteen miles and a nearly 2,300 foot climb await. The trail's uniqueness also comes from the fact that it involves a costume contest and cuts through some very unusual locations!

By Moonlight

Moonlit Hike

Once a month, Gilles, an adopted Reunionnais and state-certified guide, invites you to go on the ultimate hike. Groups can participate with a maximum of 12 people. The moon, planets, and visible stars and constellations are central features on this walk.

Fauna and flora are also a big highlight, the perfect opportunity to discover new plants. Remember to bring water, snacks, and layers.

By Sunlight

Hiking the Piton de la Fournaise and Admiring the Sunrise

This hike on the Piton de la Fournaise invites you to discover your wild and adventurous side. Camp out on the summit of the island, with a magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset. This experience, however, should be reserved for the athletic – you’ll have to climb 5,577 feet in five hours and thirty minutes.

At the top, all the equipment of the campsite is provided, as are meals. The unforgettable landscapes are well worth the effort.