Accommodation in French Polynesia

Accommodation in French Polynesia can be divided into three main categories: international hotels, small family-run hotels, and furnished properties.

International hotels, which total around 50 properties offering over 3,000 rooms, are located on the most popular tourist islands: the Society islands, Tuamotu and the Marquesas islands. They are either situated on mountain slopes or over water, and respect the strictest quality standards.

The range of options available is extensive, ranging from luxury hotels to bungalows on stilts, accessible via a wooden pontoon and standing above turquoise lagoons teeming with multi-coloured fish.

The star product of Tahiti and its islands is without doubt the overwater bungalow, the symbol of the islands’ romanticism which offers the full exoticism of a journey to what appears to be the end of the world.

A stay in the islands’ wide choice of small family-run hotels is a journey in itself, and depending on the type of accommodation chosen, ensures total immersion in the daily life of a Polynesian family. This varied option, representing over 1,500 accommodation units for tourists across the islands, is split into four categories: Bed & Breakfasts, “fare d’hôtes” or “family residences”, “pensions de famille” and small family-run hotels.

Furnished tourist accommodation is classified via a hibiscus flower rating system, ranging from 1 to 3, and includes fully furnished and well-appointed houses, bungalows, apartments or studios for the exclusive use of guests. Depending on the property, this type of accommodation can be booked by the day, week or month.

Floating hotels are also well represented here, with options ranging from luxury cruise ships to organised cruises on board a yacht or catamaran.Charters, either on a monohull yacht or catamaran, will enable visitors to explore lagoons, fish or enjoy a day-long excursion. This option is mainly available around the Society islands archipelago.