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Art and craft

Get an exclusive peek into the workshops of Corsican artisans

In the sunshine

Take in the southern air at Galeries Lafayette this summer!


A Promenade « à la parisienne » in Saint-Germain-des-Près


Touring Paris’ trendiest district- Le Marais

Rendez-vous with heritage

On the road to woad, the blue gold of Occitanie

Art and craft

Pillars of gastronomy

5-minute guides

The 5-minute essential guide to French lavender

Crystal clear

Take a peek into the glassworks of the Vosges Massif

Art and craft

Femer, where fish skin becomes leather!

Art and craft

La Manufacture Cogolin: the art of weaving revisited

Ho Ho Ho!

5 must-see Christmas markets in Alsace

Little marine shirt

Behind the scenes of the manufacture of Armor-Lux striped shirts

Art and craft

Typical products and specialties of Burgundy

Art and craft

Gourmet treats and champagne flavours in Reims

Art and craft

Burgundy Gastronomy : Trails for food lovers

Hippie chic

Fashion, decor, delicacies—a seven-stop shopping guide to art de vivre in Saint-Tropez

History of the nose

Inside the secrets of perfumery in Grasse

To be dropped in the apples

Autumn on Normandy’s Cider Route

Know-how Challenge and Giveaway #ExploreFrance

Day 6 in Brittany - In quest of Jacques Cartier, Celtic roots and yachting attitude

Know-how Challenge and Giveaway #ExploreFrance

Day 5 in Brittany - Oyster farming, glassblowing, and sailing 101

Become a jeweller

How I created a jewel at the École des Arts Joailliers de Paris

Know-how Challenge and Giveaway #ExploreFrance

Introducing the 6 Canadians enrolled in the Know-how Challenge #ExploreFrance

Precision craftsmanship

Behind the scenes at Revol Porcelain in Drôme!

Art and craft

Gastronomic Souvenirs You Ought To Bring Home!

In the highest heaven

5 thought-provoking proposed modern designs for Notre Dame

Art and craft

“Grasse: the mecca of perfumery”

Art and craft

The art of preparing for Christmas in Alsace

Precious and magic

The Christmas bauble reveals its manufacturing secrets in the Vosges Mountains

Modernity and traditions at the foot of the slopes

The Alps' Châtel, from village to ski-lift

A living heritage

The wool factory that brings fabrics to life in Provence