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Books to transport yourself to the summits of the Alps and Mercantour


These gorgeous photos will transport you to the lavender fields in France!

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Stroll in the most beautiful French gardens from home

Occitanie - Sud de France

Languedoc: a week in which you get to play the action hero

Explore France from home

Three French novels that bring the South of France to life

France from my couch

Have a digital detox at this mountain retreat in Auvergne


Walk along the garden path in the Loire Valley

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Escape onto the Cathar trail with Jérémy Banel

All of France from your couch

The Rhône river unfolds with photographer Camille Moirenc

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The 5-minute essential guide to French lavender

4 spots to say ‘I love you’

Love is in the air in Normandy this summer!

Notice to photographers

Take full view in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

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24 hours between swing and spa at Jiva Hill

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9 experiences to discover in New Caledonia


Walking the Pyrenees: 4 spectacular stages of the GR10

What really matters in the French Alps

The best trails in the French Alps


Monaco’s Foodie Secrets Unveiled

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Relax by the Water in France: at the sea, by the river or lake

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UNESCO wonders to admire in Auvergne


Top 5 reasons to visit Bora Bora

Know-how Challenge and Giveaway #ExploreFrance

Day 6 in Brittany - In quest of Jacques Cartier, Celtic roots and yachting attitude

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Day 5 in Brittany - Oyster farming, glassblowing, and sailing 101

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Day 4 in Brittany: Exploring Île-de-Bréhat, Cap d'Erquy and the Monts d'Arrée

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Day 3 - First impressions of Dinard, Brest, and Saint-Malo


Here’s Why You Should Explore Reunion Island Now!

5-minute guides

The 5-minute essential guide to Bourbon vanilla

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Introducing the 6 Canadians enrolled in the Know-how Challenge #ExploreFrance

Meet a stargazer

“Spending the night at the Pic du Midi is an unforgettable experience”

Escape the city with the whole family

How about getting lost in the woods of Mysterra?