Visit Wallis and Futuna

Located in the Polynesian South Sea Islands, with Fiji to the west, the Samoan islands to the east, and Tonga to the southeast, Wallis and Futuna stand resolutely apart.

Did you know that there could be genuine kingdoms within a Republic? Uvea, Alo and Sigave are three kingdoms ruled by three different kings.

On these islands, art is a woman's business, for only their expert hands know the secrets of traditional crafts. The most beautiful examples of this ancient artistic tradition are without a doubt the "tapas," sheets of bark decorated with plant-based paints, as well as shell sculptures and necklaces.

The local vegetation is an incredible mixture of pine trees, coconut palms, mango trees, papaya trees and more, all lining paths that will take you to enchanting natural landscapes, and astonishing historic sites. When you arrive, you will no doubt be surprised to see crater lakes, where you can bathe under refreshing waterfalls.

Don’t miss:

  • Talietumu
  • Mount Puké
  • The caves at Loka
  • Lake Lalolalo
  • Le Tamana

Useful information

Main town:



French Pacific franc (CFP), the exchange rate with the euro is fixed




77°F (dry season) / 86°F (rainy season)

Getting there:

There are connections with Nouméa (New Caledonia), Papeete (Tahiti), and Nandi (Fiji), with two flights a week operated by Air Caledonia International (Aircalin) (External link) . The island of Futuna is connected to Wallis by a flight, lasting about an hour.